Classification of Drinking Water
Subsystems and Wastewater Facilities

Most drinking water and wastewater systems are required to be classified. Classification is a means to determine the relative operational complexity of a system. The relative complexity will then help determine the certification requirements for individuals operating those systems.

The following forms are used to classify a new drinking water subsystem, wastewater facility or to re-classify an existing subsystem/facility that has undergone infrastructure changes and thus warrants review and re-classification. Municipal residential subsystems/facilities may be classified from Class 1 to 4 depending on the complexity of the subsystem/facility.

Application Forms

Municipal Residential Water Treatment Subsystem Classification

Municipal Residential Water Distribution - Supply Subsystem Classification

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility Classification

Municipal Wastewater Collection Facility Classification

Guidance Document

A Guide to Completing Ministry of the Environment Water and Wastewater Operator Certification and Facility Classification Forms





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