Certificate and License Renewals

(Class 1 to 4)


This information is for operators seeking to renew their existing drinking water certificate or wastewater license. Operator certificates are generally valid for a three year period. To renew, you must:



  • Verify water or wastewater experience in previous 5 years;

  • Pay the applicable fee.

 Drinking Water:

  • Complete the mandatory certificate renewal course;

  • Complete the required continuing education and on-the-job training requirements;

  • Verify 3 months of water or wastewater experience in the previous 3 years;

  • Pay the applicable fee.

Certificate Renewal Forms

Drinking Water Operator and Water Quality Analyst Certification Renewal Form  (WT,WD, and WDS Class 1 to 4 and Limited Systems)

Wastewater Operator-in Training License Renewal Form

Wastewater Operator License Renewal Form

Tip Sheets

Drinking Water Renewal Tip Sheet
Wastewater Renewal Tip Sheet

Guidance Documents

Certification Guide for Operators and Water Quality Analysts of Drinking Water Systems
Licensing Guide for Operators of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Guide to Completing Ministry of the Environment Water and Wastewater Operator Certification and Facility Classification Forms
Guideline No. 3.3: Water Quality Analyst Experience and Director Approved Course
Guideline No. 3.4: Experience as an Operator Guideline
Guideline No. 3.4b: Experience as a Wastewater Operator
Guideline No. 4.1: Six Month Operator Certificate Renewal
Guideline No. 4.2: Director Approved Continuing Education Training Criteria
Guideline No. 4.3: On-the-Job Practical Training Criteria
Guideline No. 5.1: Overall Responsible Operator vs. Operator-in-Charge
Fact Sheet:
Treating and Distributing Safe Drinking Water Certificate Renewal Course for Drinking Water Operators and Water Quality Analysts


Renewal Course


Every operator is required to complete the mandatory certificate renewal course within each renewal period.  This course is coordinated by the WCWC.  The course is available in two formats: classroom and correspondence.  The course content is changed every three years, and is meant to ensure that all operators are kept up to date on emerging issues within the industry.  This course will count as part of the Continuing Education requirements as 7 hours or 0.7 continuing education units (CEUs).  For information on how to register for this course please contact the WCWC at 1-866-515-0550 or visit their web site: www.wcwc.ca


On January 1, 2012, a new mandatory certificate renewal course was implemented.  This course is titled Treating and Distributing Safe Drinking Water course and it will replace the Safeguarding Drinking Water Quality course.



Fact Sheet: Entry-Level Course for Drinking Water Operators