Attention Operators and Operating Authorities: Please be reminded  that Operators-in-Training cannot run limited systems.


An operator-in-training (OIT) certificate allows new operators to gain the one-year experience required to become a Class 1 operator.  The minimum requirements to apply for an OIT certificate are:


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent;

  • Pass OIT examination;

  • Pay the applicable fee.


OIT examinations can be written at OWWCO Examination Centres throughout the province.  Municipal employees also have the option to write the OIT exam at their place of employment.  All OIT exams written at employer locations are sent directly to the exam administrator. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) policy stipulates that the person administering the OIT exam is NOT a direct employee of the water or wastewater department, a trainer, or a teacher/professor of the student writing the OIT exam.  Also, the exam administrator must NOT have any conflict of interest with the OIT applicant. The administrator can be a person from another department (e.g. transportation, human resources personnel, office clerks, etc.).


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Operator-in-Training Exam Registration
Drinking Water Operator-in-Training Certificate Issuing
Wastewater Operator-in-Training License Renewal Form

Guidance Documents

Licensing Guide for Operators of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

A Guide to Completing Ministry of the Environment Water and Wastewater Operator Certification and Facility Classification Forms

Guideline No. 2.4: Drinking Water Operator-in-Training Requirements
Guideline No. 3.1: Grade 12 Equivalent
Guideline No. 4.6: Training Requirements and Leave of Absence for Wastewater Operators
Brochure: A Studentís Guide to Drinking Water and Wastewater Operator Certification


Mandatory  - Entry Level Course


Drinking Water Operators-in-Training (OITs) must complete a mandatory Entry Level Course (ELC) during the 16 months in which their OIT certificates are valid.  Following the successful completion of the ELC while holding a valid OIT certificate, the operatorís certificate will be extended to three years from the date it was originally issued.  


The ELC is a mandatory course developed by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) for all drinking water operators.  The ELC addresses subject matter that should be known by every entry-level operator.  The course is available to any individual wishing to pursue a career in drinking water treatment through the Walkerton Clean Water Centre

(WCWC).  For more details please contact the WCWC at 1-866-515-0550 or visit their web site: www.wcwc.ca


The ELC is included in the curriculum of certain environmental programs at several Ontario colleges.  Students who graduate from these programs are not required to take the ELC.  For a list of the colleges offering the ELC please visit: https://www.wcwc.ca/en/training/entry-level/



Fact Sheet: Treating and Distributing Safe Drinking Water Ė Certificate Renewal Course for Drinking Water Operators and Water Quality Analysts

Brochure: A Studentís Guide to Drinking Water and Wastewater Operator Certification